Thursday, June 19, 2014

Serengeti Sunrise

No internet tonight so this is just a quick post from my phone to say we had an incredibly full day and everyone is doing well. I will catch up when we get back to Moshi tomorrow.

OK, I'm back! This has been one of the worst trips for internet availability in awhile. We are safely back in Moshi after an incredible few days out on safari. We covered many miles on all manner of roads, trails and sometimes just out there driving through the bush following nothing but the signs only our three expert driver/guides could read. Buzzards circling, tracks left in the dust, a group of hyenas seemingly on their way somewhere, these are markers on a living road map it takes a lifetime to understand.

We drove through the Serengeti while the sun was setting and came across such wonders as dozens and dozens of hippos splashing in a river while making joyful hippo sounds resembling crazy old men laughing at their own jokes. We saw tens of thousands of zebras barking and playing chicken with our Land Cruisers as we passed by.

We drove through the Serengeti at sunrise and watched the plains come to life in a way that felt like the dawn of time. We sat with lion prides as their young played and the males asserted the hierarchy. We enjoyed large groups of elephants that never hide their affection for one another or their joy in being alive.

Their is so much I could write about our experience out there but I will let a few pictures here tell the story. Click on a photo to enlarge it. I will replace these with higher resolution photos when we get back home and even add some video clips. Remember this is just a tiny sampling of what we have seen in the last couple days! These are just a few of my shots but we had 18 people out there taking pictures from 18 different angles!


When mom lets you play in the mud!

Keep it down up there!

Loving sisters

We also visited a Masai Boma out in the Ngorongoro lands and were warmly welcomed into their village, their culture, and even their small homes homes made from sticks, banana leaves and cow dung!

Brent's more of a runner than a jumper!
Kathy joined right in

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